Friday, November 22, 2013

Printable Holiday Place Setting Mats

Setting the table for Christmas is one of my favorite parts of Holiday entertaining and decor.  This Christmas I thought it would be fun to create DIY place mats that are pretty, affordable and ease the clean up process. Lucky for us all, Jen created a free editable place mat.  I adore the chalkboard effect on these custom printouts and they are sure to bring extra attention to the dinner table this Christmas. I used pink and gold patterns for a slightly glam setting but the possibilities are endless!  

Printable Holiday Place Setting Mats DIY

FREE editable printable
Cardstock (all colors and patterns of your choice)
Tape and Sissors

Print your free printable on the the cardstock color of choice. To have a touch of pink represented on the chalkboard paper I printed mine on pink cardstock. Traditional Christmas colors would look great too!
Apply your printable to a larger piece of cardstock using double sided tape, again any pattern/color/design of choice.  
Wrap ribbon (if you so choose) around one side of your place mat. Attach the ribbon to the cardstock back with tape.
Admire your fancy place setting DIY.
Enjoy your Christmas and Holiday festivities and don't forget to dress up the table.

Download your complimentary holiday plate mat!

Free for personal use only.  Commercial use Strictly Prohibited. Free 4th of July Printable Downloads by Blush Printables


  1. I love the chalkboard design! Bookmarking this for our Christmas dinner.

  2. Oh goodness, this is so cute...and so easy to customize. Love the chalkboard look!

  3. These are SO cute!! I love how versatile a placemat can be. And the chalkboard effect is still a fave of mine!

  4. Lovely DIY! The chalkboard looks so cute. Thanks so much :)


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