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How does body jewellery really enhance your beauty?

October 11, 2021

Since ancient times body jewelry has been a part of the culture and heritage of different religions. It has been known to be an essential part of the clothing and appearance of the people in many regions of the world. At different parts of time through the centuries it was also used to signify the class demarcations prevalent in society at that point of time. However in recent times it has acquired a new dimension. Body jewelry has never been...

Information You Engagement Rings: Finding The Perfect Ring

October 11, 2021

Need help finding a perfect engagement ring? These style-savvy tips will help you find the perfect engagement ring and perhaps give you the inspiration you seek in finding a diamond engagement ring that fully expresses your feelings. No other jewellery item says ‘love’ more powerfully than a diamond engagement ring. Rare, precious, and indestructible, these qualities earned the diamond its status as a symbol of enduring love, romance, and commitment. It was said that Cupid's arrows were tipped with diamonds. The Greeks...

Creative Ways to Storing Jewellery

October 11, 2021

Do you have trouble trying to store jewellery without it getting all tangled, earrings separated from each other, tipping out your whole jewellery box just to find one piece of jewellery?? Well here are some tips for on storing your jewellery in a neat and decorative fashion. Designing and selling jewellery both on a website and from home I need to be able to display my earrings in an organised and professional manner - I hope you can find some inspiration from the ideas below. Store earrings (hooks)...

Jewellery Trends for spring and summer

October 11, 2021

Jewelery Trends for Classic costume jewellery will be the hot fashion for spring and summer. The color that would be in demand will be blue. Blue topaz and aquamarine jewellery will be the most sought after ones. Followed by blue, will be the hue of purple lending popularity to amethyst, with green adding more value to peridot gemstones. Jewellery items with blue jade, blue opals, moonstones, sapphires, lapis lazuli, and handmade lamp work beads in blue will be the charm of the season. Counterpoint...