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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Earrings But Were Afraid to Ask

October 11, 2021

It is thought that earrings date back to 3000 BC where they originated in Asia and appeared in 2 formats, one being the simple hoop earring and the other the more elaborate pendant earring. The oldest earrings ever found by archaeologists were discovered in royal graves in Iraq and date back to around 2500 BC. Gold, silver and bronze hoop earrings have also been found dating back to 2000 BC in Crete. In those days it was customary to bury jewellery with...

How to Safely Buy a Diamond Online

October 11, 2021

It is now possible to save 40% to 60% by purchasing a diamond engagement ring from an online diamond retailer, rather than from a bricks-n-mortar High Street jeweller. Online diamond retailers don’t have retail shops, sales staff, large diamond inventories and other associated operating expenses and are therefore able to pass on the cost savings to consumers. Of course, a diamond might be one of the largest one-off purchases made in one’s lifetime and so it is understandable that many...

Celtic Wedding Rings and tying the Knot

October 11, 2021

The origins of the Celts dates back to prehistoric times when they emerged as a group of loosely knit tribes with a common culture and language. Celtic settlements stretched from Turkey and the Balkans right across Western Europe. But it was the rise of the Roman Empire that would expose the lack of cohesion between the various Celtic tribes and would lead to them being overrun, expelled from their territories and being pushed back to the western fringes of the...

Finding Antique Engagement Rings

October 11, 2021

Old antique engagement rings are those classic style rings that bring back the charm and history of an era gone by. Many couples enjoy the nostalgic feel of something their grandparents may have worn. Others simply like the idea of old-fashioned quality workmanship and styling. Whatever your reason for choosing vintage diamond engagement rings, finding the best rings at the best price is a concern. Finding Antique Style Engagement Rings Online auctions and the Internet in general have brought the...

Caring for Jewelry

October 11, 2021

Caring for your handmade jewellery is easy and will help your treasures last a lifetime of wear and pleasure. This brief guide takes you through the basics, as well as highlighting some pitfalls to watch out for. But first, a quick word of caution. Before you start any cleaning activity, please be sure that your stones or beads will not be damaged by whichever method you have selected. General wearing advice:  When wearing, protect all jewellery from scratches, sharp blows, chemicals, extreme temperatures,...

Fashion Jewellery

October 11, 2021

Every one in the world wants to look fashionable. Further, all of us love to look trendy and like to have his / her own identity apart from a crowd of people. We know your appearance and attire speaks louder. But your accessories are also equally important. Accessories like jewellery can help you attain an individuality if you are a person of good taste and also fashion conscious. Hence, identification can be achieved by the style and the kind of fashion jewellery with which...