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Medical Transcription – An Emerging Profession

October 11, 2021

Medical Transcription is the process of interpreting and transcribing the dictation made by doctors or other health care professionals regarding patient status, treatment procedures, diagnoses, prognoses, etc. With medical transcription of dictated data from physicians, the medical transcriptionist may also edit the text that is produced by voice recognition software. Medical Transcription is the translating of dictations made by a doctor. As a result, it requires an extensive knowledge of medical, pharmacological and anatomical terms. In the past medical transcriptionists would listen to dictations and type it themselves, but with...

Certification in Medical Coding

October 11, 2021

Medical coding has been around for years now. Hundreds of people have already considered and studied the field, and many of them have been successful serving the health care industry with strong sense of dedication and commitment. Today, the number of medical coders has risen as insurance companies and health care agencies require more highly detailed records of services that are made available to patients. As this demand continues to grow, the need for medical coding professionals has grown rapidly. With the growth of the medical coding...

Careers in the Medical Field for Everyone

October 11, 2021

If you are considering careers in the medical field, be sure to learn and understand that there are several opportunities to choose from. Traditionally, people think that a career in the medical field is limited to the many types of doctors and nurses. Truth of the matter is there exists an entire plethora of options almost anyone can consider. This type of information is especially helpful to those who may want to be part of a promising and lucrative career in the medical field but is...

Is A Career In Medical Transcription For You?

October 11, 2021

If you have an interest in the medical field and enjoy office work, you should consider a career in medical transcription. Demand in this field continues to grow and each year there are more job opportunities. Medical transcription clerks quickly and accurately transcribe medical records that are dictated by doctors and other medical professionals. You will be working with clinic notes, physical reports, office notes, consultation reports, operative reports, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory results, pathology reports, and x-ray results to name just some of the record types. The clerk receives...

Job Descriptions for Medical Careers

October 11, 2021

The medical field is one of the fastest growth sector these days and experts say that this trend may continue to hold true for several years to come. Given this, there is a strong demand for individuals to fill these jobs. Below is a list of some job descriptions for medical careers helpful for individuals looking to launch their career in a growing stable environment. Medical Assistantship Medical assistants play a vital role in the healthcare business as they serve and fulfill different administrative and clerical...