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coral + gold + mint nursery

Friday, August 29, 2014

I love Pinterest and how easy it makes collecting inspiration.  I started pinning ideas for the nursery weeks before we knew what we were having.  I was really fixated on two prints that I found, one for a girl’s room and one for a boy’s.  Both gave me inspiration on the direction I wanted to take the nursery.  The first print, by Joni Lay, had flaminogs… and I decided I had to make a flamingo themed nursery. For a boy, I found a vintage race car print on Etsy and just knew that if we had a son, his room had to be vintage car themed.  But, that’s the funny thing about inspiration… once you start putting ideas together, they inspire others, and so on and so on. In the end, we designed a watercolor nursery in our original color scheme for a girl: coral, mint, navy and gold.

We reused and re-purposed as much as possible in this room.  We had it painted when we bought the house in 2009 and I love the color so much.  I didn’t want to change the paint color (it’s Benjamin Moore Stone Castle color matched by Sherwin Williams), but we did put new laminate flooring in all our bedrooms this summer.  The carpet was old and gross, and it had to go.  This room is very small – maybe 10×10 – and we knew we had to maximize space.  Since this room is so small we bought new furniture in white to make the room look larger.  The laminate flooring helped make the room look bigger and brighter, too.

I had previously used this room as my home studio, so some of the wall decor was already drilled into the wall.  It ended up being a great focal point for the room.  Instead of buying a mobile, I had a custom tassel garland made in the nursery colors to hang underneath the wall shelf above the crib.

I designed this print and knew it had to be framed for our little girl’s nursery.

Lindsay Letters was having a huge sale, so I snagged a bunch of prints that I’ve had my eye on.  I was able to get four prints for $30.  This one reads “Life is But a Dream” and looks great above the crib.

These wall shelves are from Target, and were also a part of the room before it became a nursery. The candle and lantern are from our wedding reception, and so are the picture frames. I got them all from TJ Maxx in 2007.  My friend Jacin showed me the Be Still print that she had Julie Song Ink comission for her a few years ago, and I’ve always loved it.  I was so excited when I saw that it was a desktop download, available on DesignLoveFest, and had it printed as a 4×6 print at Target. The glider and vintage pillow (found on Etsy) were both a part of Chloe’s nursery, so these items were re-used.  The diaper genie is being re-used as well.  The LOVE vase was my late aunt’s, and the books are mine and Chloe’s favorites.  The two crown wood prints were something I found on clearance at Marshalls years ago, and have always had hanging in the room.

There is one large window in the bedroom, and it’s slightly off center.  The air vent for the room is directly below it, so we didn’t have a lot of wiggle room when it came to placing furniture in the bedroom.  Our crib had to go on one wall, and the dresser had to go on the opposite side. We bought a dresser from IKEA for Chloe and loved it so much that we wanted the same one, in white, for Charlotte’s room.  It’s a six drawer MALM dresser and fits all of her clothes, blankets, towels, and sheets, and I still have two drawers to spare!

 I made a gallery wall above the dresser.  We decided not to use a changing table this time around.  In Chloe’s room, we had a changing pad on top of the dresser and never used it, so we decided not to use one this time either.  I had two large glass jars from IKEA in my closet, so I used one for baby hats and another for baby hair bows.  The smallest jar is from Michaels and I filled it with confetti from my best friend Phebe, who sent me some confetti poppers when we found out we were having a girl!  The lamp was a gift from my mom when we got married in 2008.

I framed an 8×10 print in a 11×14 frame, two 5×7 prints in an 8×10 frame, hung an 8×10 print (my Sparkle print) from a sequin hanger & made a 12″x12″ canvas for this wall (based on my favorite Maya Angelou quote).

The Gold Sequin C is a gift from my darling friend Phebe. She sent it to me after we had chosen a name for our sweet girl, and was kind enough to send one for both Chloe and me!
Most of the frames we had laying around the house. I know, I have an obsession with framing things!  I also re-used a white metal bucket that I bought at TJ Maxx years ago to hold her stuffed animals, though she doesn’t have many yet.  We also installed a small closet system (we got it for $80 at Home Depot) to maximize the teeny tiny closet space in the bedroom.

I love the way our nursery turned out!

For the Guys: DIY Groomsmen Gifts

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We've got a little Wedding Wednesday DIY for you -- and this one has extra yumminess because it has Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans in it! We've noticed that our couples are fun and on the hunt for the next up-and-coming trend so we put together a fantastic gift box idea for the groomsmen! Groomsmen gifts can be tough, particularly when you're on a budget and looking for something original. Our solution is a simple gift box full of things most guys like: candy and alcohol.

We filled our box with an 16oz Pilsner Glass (this one is from Things Remembered), a bottle of craft beer, and a sweet little treat - Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans.

The jelly beans are delicious - their crisp flavor is packed in a golden jelly bean with an iridescent finish. While Draft Beer Jelly Beans packs a flavor punch, it is alcohol free.

We packaged them in a small glass jar with a cork, but you can also buy individual packages through Jelly Belly. We added a custom tag to the bottle of draft beer and the glass jar of jelly jeans, and labeled the top of the gift box with a custom box label. All of these DIY touches are optional, of course, but really bring everything together and package the present nicely. And, they're all available for a free download!

Each label is a finished size of 4"x3" and comes in three unique designs, perfect for branding your gift!

family maternity photos

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I don't know how to put into words how much these photos mean to me. I wanted to contact our photographer, Leeann, last summer; we wanted another child, and I really wanted photos of the three of us before we became a family of four, but it was a difficult summer for us. We had two pregnancy losses... and later, in the fall, we were hesitant to spend 'extra' money. My husband is a federal employee and was affected by the shutdown. We were knee deep in fertility treatments, and suffered a third loss. The idea of family photos was put on the back burner. And then, somehow, we got our miracle baby. We found out on Christmas -- what a gift! But this has been a complicated pregnancy from the start. I've been on pelvic rest and modified bed rest nearly the entire time. There were times I wasn't sure we'd even get to take these pictures... and yet, here we are. She's healthy, but I'm not a very good baby home so this is likely our last child. I wanted photos of us so badly, to show Chloe how much she is loved and to document our last summer as a family of three. I cried when I opened this gallery... Leeann blew my mind away, and I cannot thank her enough. They're incredible. She made me feel comfortable and beautiful when I've been feeling pretty down the last few months. I'm counting down the days until this little princess is in my arms and we're finally a family of four.

We scheduled our family shoot for my 29th week of pregnancy. Leeann suggested Mellon Park, the same park we took Chloe's 1 year photos at nearly two years prior. Mellon Park gave us a wonderful backdrop for our photos. It reminds me of a secret garden. There are so many fun places to explore within the park, and Chloe had a blast finding the animal statues and smelling the different flowers. I admit that I was worried about taking the photos. I tried on so many outfits in the weeks leading up to the shoot before finding this dress, which is unbelievably comfortable and flattering. I'm very self-conscious about my pregnant body. I lost a lot of weight last spring and summer, then gained a lot back while doing fertility treatments. And, there's something about pregnancy that makes my arms and face swell. At 'only' 29 weeks I feel like a waddling whale. Even still, Leeann made me feel like a model in front of the camera and I truly felt at ease.

free father's day printables

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This is my husbands third Father's Day, and buying for him is just as difficult as shopping for him for his birthday or Christmas.   I asked our 2.5 year old for her input and she told me she wants to get daddy three things:  a color book, kitty cat markers and a Barbie. Oh, and three wishes, Santa Claus and birthday presents.  And maybe some cake.

Perfect.  Everything she wants. 

So I suggested maybe we could treat daddy to a few of his favorite things -- craft beer and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, and Chloe said, "Ohhhh!  OKAY!!!"  Done.

I designed these labels to fit a standard beer bottle, and of course included tags for Jelly Belly's brand-spankin' new Draft Beer Jelly Beans.  They're non-alcoholic so even I could enjoy them, and they're so, so tasty!  

And what a great little package, perfect for gift giving on Father's Day -- I used a photo box with a custom label and filled it with tissue to showcase Dad's favorite craft beer, jelly beans and a beer mug.  




a peek into the nursery + a giveaway with Kenroy Home!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a little peek that I posted of our new nursery.
This tiny room has been a labor of love.  We don't have ceiling lights in any of our bedrooms, so a bright lamp is a must.  I am personally a huge fan of a 3-way light, especially for a nursery!

As I'm sure you all can tell by now, I love anything glam! I add a little bit of sparkle to everything I create, and our nursery was no exception.  We are thrilled to be having another girl and I have to admit I have been really excited about designing her nursery.  I am in love with Kenroy Home's Bedazzle Lamp and knew I had to have it in my home as soon as I set eyes on it!  After talking with Kenroy Home, they decided to send me a lamp to brighten glam up our  space. Isn't it fabulous?!

We aren't quite ready to debut Little Miss's room, but I do want to share some sneak peeks with you!

  We took this photo at night;  It shows how wonderfully the Bedazzle Lamp brightens the room! 

Kenroy Home is giving one lucky winner their very own Bedazzled Lamp!  Enter below to win.

I also wanted to give a BIG thanks to Kenroy Home for sending me this beautiful lamp and for offering this amazing giveaway!  If you would like to follow along with Kenroy Home, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

nursery inspiration

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I started planning Chloe's nursery very early in my pregnancy, and started buying things the week we found out it was a girl. This time around, we are taking our time. I'm almost to the half-way point in this pregnancy and am starting to put more thought into Baby 2.0's nursery. In order to transform this space into a nursery, we have to move my studio into our basement. It's a lot more project than we thought it would be. Our basement has been my husband's Man Cave for the last five years and it's accumulated five years worth of junk and dust.

We are also going to be putting new flooring into all three of our bedrooms, which is another spring household project that needs to be completed before we can officially plan the nursery. We painted the nursery a lovely grey when we first bought our house (Stonecastle by Benjamin Moore that we had color-matched by Sherwin Williams), and will have medium brown flooring that matches the existing flooring in the rest of our house.

Our plan is to include grey, ballet pink, coral, aqua and navy into the room. I might sneak pops of gold in, too!


1. Ruffle Curtains - I lust over everything Anthro, then faint when I see the price. I'll be on the hunt for something similar in a much lower price range! 2. Flamingo Print - When I saw this print, I knew I had to have it and wanted to incorporate it into a girl's nursery. 3. Zebra Print - I love this print! 4. Hippo Print - A hippo on a unicycle? Sold. 5. Plush Elephant - Because how do you not have something this adorable in your nursery? 6. Lightweight Blanket -We are having a summer baby this time, so I'd like to get some lightweight blankets. 7. Gilded Blocks - These were my splurge item in Chloe's nursery, and I'd love to buy matching blocks for the new baby's room. 8. Crib Bedding - I love navy paired with Coral and this crib sheets from BabyBedding.com are gorgeous. We bought Chloe's sheets from them, too, and they've held up wonderfully over the last two+ years! 9. Area Rug - An area rug is a must-have in the nursery since it has wood floors now. 10. Sweet Dreams - A personalized vintage wood sign from Layla Grace that's no longer available. 11. Floor Lamp - We don't have overhead lighting in any of our bedrooms, so a bright and colorful lamp is a must. I like the idea of a floor lamp. 12. Decorative Wall Hooks - These caught my attention partially because I love the shape, but mostly because I couldn't believe they came in my exact nursery colors! 13. Crib Mobile - The colors match my scheme perfectly, but I would definitely want to get something that is motorized!



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