Thursday, January 7, 2016

Apps every boss babe needs

Guys, I am the least techie person on the face of the planet. I don't event know if that's the right word or phrase to use, but if there's a way to mess up technology I'd be the girl to do it.  Leave it to me to forget to send an attachment or to crash my computer. Seriously!

But I'm addicted to my iPhone and I love apps, and I love making things easy -- so if there's a way to make technology easy for someone like me, I'm all about it.

Here's my fave apps that help make being a boss babe even easier:

1. PicTapGo.  I use  PicTapGo to edit almost all of my images on Instagram!  I'm not a professional photographer at all, and unless I am gramming an image that a photographer took, all of the photos on my IG have been take on my iPhone!  I take photos on my iPhone, open them in pictapgo, crop them to square format, then ONLY use the brighten tool.  Sometimes I take photos in square format, but not always. 

2.  Paypal  I’m assuming that most of you have a Paypal account! I've been using the Paypal app for years and I love it!! It makes transferring money and checking the status of my account that much easier and when you’re constantly on the go, easier is always better!!! This is a free app, too!

3. Periscope  I'm new to Periscope, and you probably won't find me scoping any time soon -- but that doesn't mean I don't LOVE to watch others scoping!  My favorite friends to follow are Cathy Olsen and Heather Crabtree.  These boss babes are full of amazing information and have so much to offer.  Do yourself a favor and listen to what they have to say!

4.  Pinterest  Pinning on the go is so, so helpful.  I can pin from my Etst apps, link from facebook and link to my friends through Messenger, iMessage or facebook.  This is so helpful when I am on consults, too, so I can reference my clients Pinterest boards. 

5.  Sell on Etsy  I'm always on the go, and being able to access my online storefront from my car or while the kids are napping is so important!  I can access my stats, respond to convos, re-list my items, pin them and see which items are trending and selling well.  I wish the app had the ability to set up custom listings, so hopefully this will be featured in an update soon.

6.  Instagram  Hands down, one of my favorite social media networks!  It love connecting with my friends and clients in real time.  Using hashtags is a great way to gain exposure, if you aren't already utilizing that feature!

This is only skimming the surface – there are SO MANY APPS that small business owners should take advantage of!! These are just the six apps I use most frequently and find the most helpful!! 

Do you have any questions about these apps? What apps do you find to be the most helpful?!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

new self-inking stamps available! hip-hip-hooray!

Self Inking Return Address Stamp

Make addressing all of your envelopes easier by using a personalized return address stamp. A personalized return address stamp is exactly what you need to customize your envelopes and make addressing mail easier! Personalized return address stamps are ideal for wedding invitations, save the date announcements, thank you cards, holiday cards, birth announcements, and make lovely housewarming gifts.

Your new address stamp measures 1.625"x1.625"and is good for over one thousand impressions! This is the perfect size for a return address on an A7 envelope.

Address stamps can be personalized with your first names, last names, and home address.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

new family crest stamps + a holiday music play list!

New Family Crest Stamps!  HOORAY! 
I've never met a monogram or crest I didn't like, so say hello to our new line of family crest self-inking stamps!  They're completely custom and waiting to be personalized with your names.  These make lovely Christmas gifts and adorbale additions to your Wedding invitations -- and there's still time to order and ship before Christmas!  HOORAY!

E2+ Hours of Awesome Holiday Music!