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April 28, 2022

What Is ESA (Emotional support animals)?

Do you own a pet dog? If yes, you must be aware of the benefits of a dog, and you would love to take them out for exercise to enjoy its loyal companionship. Although, some people may not want a dog’s presence, and they usually find it difficult to behave emotionally and physically regularly. Register an emotional support dog if you have any mental disability.

It is a fact that the pet provides emotional support and comfort that helps them to deal with daily life changes but might compromise their quality of life. They are referred to as emotional support animals (ESAs).

Pets are always a source of enormous love and comfort and help people encountering disorders like epilepsy or depression. Here, we are giving a piece of detailed information regarding ESA. I hope it will be worth it to you. You can also register emotional support animals online.

What is an emotional support dog?

Although all dogs have a solid emotional bond with their owner, that is defined as an emotional support dog (ESA). A licensed mental health professional can recommend a dog to a person with a disabling mental illness.

A therapist or psychiatrist must suggest that the person with mental sickness requires the presence of a pet dog. For instance, owning a pet eases a person’s stress and gives a new focus in life. It does not matter the age and the breed of the dog if you are qualified to have a pet dog according to the rules.

How to register an emotional support dog?

There is no governing body to register, certify or purchase identification cards for their ESAs. Moreover, there is no particular requirement to have an evaluation from an expert disability evaluator as these evaluations can cause a loss of lots of money to you.

A mental health therapist can provide a letter confirming that you require emotional support to reduce impairment from disability. The letter should specify your disability and how the dog will help you.

As soon as you receive the letter, your dog is under the protection of the Fair Housing Act, and you have to send a copy of the letter to the landlord.

Emotional Support Dogs VS Psychiatric Service Dogs

Emotional support dogs are not service dogs. Psychiatric service dogs need extensive training to work work with mental disable people. The service dogs observe the initial stage of psychiatric episodes and help relieve their effects. However, this may sound identical to the ESA, but it is not valid. There is a significant difference between their training received to practice these tasks. 

Psychiatric service dogs have gained training to perform specific tasks to handle the patients’ mental sickness. For instance, service dogs may remind patients about taking their medications or escape them from a hazardous situations like traffic or practice room searches for the person with post-traumatic stress disorder. On the other hand, if the dog’s presence helps deal with the mental issues, the dog does not call a service dog.

Housing Accommodations for Individuals Who Use Emotional Support Dogs

If you use the ESAs privileges, the government provides a specific accommodation under federal law. The Fair Housing Act includes ESAs rules for assistance animals. This act defines that there will be no discrimination against people with mental disabilities regarding accommodation. For example, practices like pet bans or pet entry restrictions on who has a certificate for an ESA are not acceptable. Also, owners can not charge them any fee regarding pet deposit for having their ESA live with them.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed on Flights?

According to DOT (Department Of Transportation), the USA announced final revisions to its Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). This final rule came into effect in January 2021, defining those service animals of any breed trained to benefit a mentally disabled person are allowed on flights.

The rules also state that emotional support animals (ESAs) include only comfort animals, companion animals, and animals trained to be service animals of any breed. Other than that, no pets are considered service animals. 

Some airlines require a DOT authorization form to confirm their training, health, and certification before traveling.

What makes an excellent emotional support dog?

Generally, an ESA animal is intelligent, gentle with good grasping power, and has an emotionally stable temperament. Most importantly, the ESA dog should have the capability to recognize the handler’s emotions and act accordingly.

Dogs that have a strong bond with their owners are referred to as emotional support dogs. However, we can witness such a connection in any dog breed. Still, you can pick from affectionate breeds, including French bulldogs, poodles, Labrador retrievers, etc.

Receive a Psychiatric Service Dog letter to enjoy its enormous benefits and relieve mental sickness symptoms.