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Household Equipment
October 11, 2021

Household Finance Career Opportunities

Let’s say you have been an accountant for a very long time. You are probably a manager, a supervisor or maybe even a partner. If you don’t like the long hours anymore and want to slow things down, there are household finance career opportunities that you can look forward to.

What do we mean by household finance career opportunities? Basically, you will be doing your accounting practice from the home. You may not have to work the same hours as before and instead work with people who need to complete their tax forms before the deadline or perform the same services for small businesses.

You get to choose the kind of workload you get, the number of clients you will see and so forth. With the years of experience under your belt and your credentials, it will be easy for you to open a private practice instead of someone who is just fresh out of college.

The first thing you have to do is advertise by telling your clients that you will be going into private practice. Some of these people may stay with you since they are happy with your services but since you can’t just rely on that, you will have to market yourself as a practitioner. There are websites that invite professionals such as yourself to sign up. You can also post an ad in the newspaper or in the community bulletin board.

But if you don’t want to leave your current job, you can still do some household accounting but on a part time basis.

In any case, you will need to purchase a few things for your home office. This includes a fax machine, a copier, a computer and a few computer accounting programs similar to what you are already using.

The start up cost for everything if you don’t have it yet will be from $2500 to $4000. This is a small amount that can be recovered quickly again because of your experience in accounting.

To give you an idea, one report shows that accountants make $22500 to $52500 annually working 30 hours a week that charges by the house $20 to $30 per client. This may not be much compared to what you were earning before because you are not working 40 hours a week which is the standard in the profession.

This of course may change depending on your credentials. The nice part is that you manage your own time unlike before where you have to meet deadlines and at time multi-task to get the work done.

Aside from relying on your previous clients and posting ads, you should also get in touch with other professionals who may be able to recommend clients to you. One example is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or AICPA.

Being your own boss is a change from what you have been used to but at least you have time on your hands to do other things apart from work. You can spend more time with the family, take up classes or learn a new sport.

For those who decide to leave their current jobs and want to pursue a household accounting career, look forward to the future. Life as you know it does not end when you leave that 40 hour per week desk job.