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June 17, 2022

The Best Nike Headbands for Keeping Your Hair in Place

Sports and fitness equipment maker Nike has been around since 1972, and today it’s a brand you can trust to deliver quality products that will help you improve your performance in sports or just in day-to-day life. The Nike Headband ($9) is no exception – this simple headband does an excellent job of keeping hair out of your face while you workout, whether you’re going for a run, lifting weights, or doing yoga or other exercises. You’ll find several other Nike headbands on the market today, but the Nike Headband remains one of the best options available.

Will it stay on when you are running?

It doesn’t matter how nice a headband looks or how nicely it fits if it falls off as soon as you start moving. When running, particularly at faster speeds, it’s easy to lose your headband and then have to stop so you can dig through your bag to find it. Good running headbands have an anti-bounce feature that will hold them in place.

Will it stay on during yoga or Zumba classes?

Nike head bands are popular for their ability to stay on. These versatile bands can keep hair out of your face during a variety of activities such as running, biking, hiking, and gym classes. While these sporty headbands may look simple, they’re actually pretty unique! If you’re looking to add some style while staying active, Nike is definitely worth checking out. These sports-inspired pieces work great under your helmet while skiing or snowboarding and can also help you keep your ponytail intact while biking or swimming laps at the gym.

Does it feel good against your head and ears?

First and foremost, you need to decide whether your hair band will stay in place without causing irritation. If you find it doesn’t feel good against your head and ears, then it’s not going to do its job very well. The reason you want a comfortable band is because, if you can’t stand wearing it, you won’t use it as often. Instead of dealing with discomfort and taking it off before leaving home or bed, some users just quit using them entirely. If comfort is important to you then make sure that your hairband feels as good when resting on top of your head as when pulled over your ears.

Can you wear your hair up with it comfortably?

Many headbands won’t stay on when you have your hair pulled back, making them a no-go if you have long or thick hair. Pay attention to how tightly it fits and look at photos online before making a purchase. It should be snug enough that it doesn’t slip off your head but loose enough that it doesn’t pull or hurt your scalp. You may need to play around with sizes—it may be too big at first, then shrink as you wash it or wear it more—so try them on if possible before buying several pairs.

What material does it use for its sweat absorption ability?

The standard headband is made of Lycra material, which helps absorb sweat and pull it away from your forehead. It’s a really great material if you just need a functional, affordable piece that won’t slip and slide around on your forehead while you work out. But if you want more comfort or prefer something like wool (because it feels softer), then consider upgrading to something with an alternative fabric. Nikes Fashion-forward version uses something called moiré fabric, which does indeed look cooler but isn’t as durable as Lycra and could rub your head raw over time. The brand also offers silicon-infused headbands, which are like special stretchy sleeves that fit snugly around your ears.

Is there a guarantee and how does it stand behind its product?

The headband has a guarantee that if you are not happy with it, you can send it back within 30 days of purchase and get your money back. There is no hassle or questions asked at all. If you do choose to return it, please include a short note as to why you didn’t like it. Each week I will choose one person who has sent a headband back and I will send them out another one at my expense as my way of saying thank you. All they have to do is ship their current headband back to me and when they receive their new headband they can know that I am always interested in hearing what people like/dislike about my products so I can improve them or offer better ones in the future.